, is an online store born in the forum of ants, forum of fans and enthusiasts of the ants, as a measure to get to finance the expenses of the same and its projects.

We are a Veterana store, born in November 2008, which also carries all the accumulated experience of its matrix, with more than 15 years online.

We have a multitude of models of ants and ants farms with more than 80 models of their own manufacture, from gel anthills, sand anthills, crystal ants, educational ants, etc ... researching, analyzing and continuously manufacturing the best products for the Care of the ants.

We also have colonies of free ants with queen, several species, messor barbarus, lasius niger, camponotus, pheidole, crematogaster, tapinomas, etc.

We collaborate altruistically with a multitude of public institutions, such as schools, institutes, non-profit associations, to bring the world of ants to the smallest and they can appreciate how laborious and curious ants are.

All in all we hope you have a pleasant visit and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.

The team

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