Wet Substrates - From 30%

Jungle Soil 500cc Home Jungle Soil 500cc Home 2
The substrate of the jungles, its moisture retention capacity is very high and oxygenates very well, ideal for making a thin layer so that the springtails can bury themselves in it. Ants from high humidity gradients love this substrate.
Wild Soil 500cc Home Wild Soil 500cc Home 2
This substrate absorbs moisture and retains it in an incredible way, necessary for ants that live in very humid areas. Being easy to move due to its density, ants can make tunnels in it without detachments, widely used for arthropods of all types such as tarantulas. and beetles.
Coconut Fiber 500cc Home Coconut Fiber 500cc Home 2
High quality coconut fiber, many ants live perfectly in this substrate, since it incredibly resists decomposition, retains moisture very high and springtails and decomposers can live perfectly.
Expanded Clay 500 cc Home
Drainage clay is ideal for withstanding low humidity and controlling flooding under the substrate as well as maintaining constantly high humidity gradients, due to its low evaporation.
Island Soil 500cc Home Island Soil 500cc Home 2
A dense substrate that works perfectly both wet and dry. It is ideal for ants that weave cocoons, since small pieces of sand will be used for this process, valid for all types of species, varying the amount of humidity they require.
Dried Sphagnum Moss 150cc Home
This moss, although dehydrated, helps retain a lot of moisture and is an ideal place for springtails (waste cleaners) to hide and breed in.
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