Magnifiers, tweezers, antifugas, vacuum cleaners, plugs, tubes, eppendorf

Tweezers, magnifying glasses, anti-escapes, teflon, materials, containers, accessories, sand, ytong, etc... Everything you may need.

Here you can find tweezers, magnifiers, antifugas, teflon, materials, containers, accessories, sand, ytong, etc ... everything you need for your ants colonies with queen and your homemade anthills or ants farms, sand ant farm, ant farm Artificial, formicarium, wood ant farm, sand sandwich, educational ant farm, ant farm for children, decorative ant farm, gel ant farm, toy ant farm, etc ... A great variety of vital products, to maintain multitude of species of ants In perfect conditions, as messor barbarus, lasius niger, camponotus, formicas, crematogaster, cataglyphis, attas, tapinoma, pheicole, tetramorium, etc ...

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