Acrylic NaturColor 20x10x1cms Foam Ant's Nests Anthouse

Acrylic NaturColor 20x10x1cms Foam


Our new range of Acrylics NaturColor, includes this model of foam 20x10x1cms ...

Sin color
  • Sin Color
  • Amarillo
  • Naranja
  • Negro
  • Verde
  • Azul
  • Celeste
  • Rojo
  • Rosa
  • Marron

-CAUTION: Remove the protective plastic before using-

Our new range of NaturColor Acrylics, is formed by anthills with gallery divider lids, greatly facilitating that the anthill is not too big at first, and that little by little as the colony grows, so does the anthill, they are also available in 10 colors, which makes them especially adaptable to the taste of each client, without forgetting some more natural galleries that take better advantage of the available space.

To moisten the anthill, we will use a syringe without a needle and wet the Green Foam until it does not absorb more water and allowing the water to spread through the acrylic plates of the anthill, but being careful not to flood the galleries in excess to prevent the ants they drown The Green Foams should always be wet.

To feed them we will lift the cover of the foraging area, always carefully so that there are no leaks, being able to use antifugas like mineral oil or liquid teflon, click HERE, which will form a barrier to avoid the leakage of the ants.

We will introduce the ants in the anthill through the foraging area, we will manually dump the transport tube with the ants in this area, always with extreme care, we can also connect the test tube through our module click HERE specially designed for this, with which we avoid much stress or using a flexible tube to connect the test tube also with the anthill, for it requires a flexible tube of 8-10 mm and another of 8-6 mm press HERE.

It has a hole to connect with other anthills or foraging boxes, do not forget to plug with a bit of cotton, rubber plug or cellulose plug, press HERE.

Recommended for all types of species and sizes, as long as they are not exceptionally large, nor exceptionally small.

ATTENTION: Do not clean with alcohol, or with any other product than soapy water, as it can cause the breakage of the material and also not use talcohol, if still used it will be under the responsibility of the client.

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