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ONLY 1 colony or queen is sent and ONLY one species per order or anthill, so choose which one you want. We do not charge for ants, they are FREE, you just have to pay the shipping costs.

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Ants Free

Here you can buy (and receive for FREE) ants, queens and various particular species that you require. Our ants, colonies of ants and queen ants are suitable for ant farms for the home, outside ant farms, artificial ant farms and wooden ant farms. Moreover, we guarantee that our ants will arrive to you in perfect health as they are dispatched with food and water for a minimum of two weeks. A maintenance manual is equally included with all purchases of ants or ant colonies.

At Anthouse, we make sure that your experience with us is satisfactory when you buy an ant farm and so we only stock the best products that are available. We do not think that you should have to pay for ants. We send them to you for free! If you want to buy ant colonies or you only require ant queens, or a combination of both, we offer them to you free. The only requirement is that all ants are of the same species and you must cover delivery costs.

Species of Ants

Among the ants that we stock there are a multitude of species, each suitable for different types of ant farms and the varying needs of our customers. Depending on what type of ant farm you want, you may need a bigger or smaller model. We therefore offer a wide range of free ants that adults and children alike can enjoy.

Amongst the species of ants we sell are messor barbarus, lasius niger, camponotus barbaricus, camponotus cruentatus, pheidole pallidula, messor capitatus, tapinomas, crematogaster, aphaenogaster and more. If you search for the type of ant that you want on our website, you are sure to find it. In the case that you are looking for a rare type of ant or you cannot find a particular species, get in contact with us and we will attempt to help you. We are specialists in the field and we are extremely familiar with the variety of ants that exists and the suitable environments for each species.

The Ants Themselves

The ants we stock are perfect for you if you want to watch the growth of a colony in one of our ant farms. One of the reasons that we do not charge for our ants is that we do not think it is logical that you should spend money on the best ant farms available and not have the suitable ants to populate them.

For this reason, our ants, colonies of ants and queens are suitable for home ant farms, outdoors ant farms, ant farms for children, educational ant farms, sand ant farms, gel ant farms, glass ant farms, decorative ant farms, artificial ant farms and wooden ant farms.

So that’s why whether you purchase something for your home or something for a school, you will have no problem when you introduce ants to an ant farm. They will begin to assign themselves roles straightaway. Seeing the colony enter the ant farm and organise themselves is an experience which helps to understand how ants function collectively and shines light on their secret to survival. Your understanding will be better still when you witness the queen ant’s behaviour and the structure which is upheld in her colony. You simply cannot miss it.

An Ant Farm in Good Health

As well as sending you the ants for free, we guarantee that they will be in perfect health and arrive intact. When you make an order, depending on its type, we will add enough food and water so that they have enough to survive for two weeks. The ants and the food and water are sent to you in a test tube to ensure that they are delivered unharmed. If you do not know how to take care of your ants in a way that guarantees their survival, don’t worry as we supply you with an instruction manual which explains the necessary conditions to keep them in so that they remain in perfect health.

As you will see, the instructional manual is incredibly easy to read so you will have no problems. If you want to own your own ant colony, purchasing an appropriate ant farm is all you need to do as we will deal with the rest, remaining with you side-by-side throughout the process.

Not only do we give you the ants free and explain to you how to care for them, but we will be happy to advise you in the future if you have any doubts or think you would like to change your ant farm. At Anthouse, we give away free ants to our customers, all of which arrive to your home in perfect health. Moreover, we have a range of different species which adapt to the ant farm that you own. If you are looking for a particular type of ant, we are sure that we have it in stock. When you purchase your ant farm, we will send everything you need to your home so that you can enjoy your ant farm straightaway. Equally, if you would like to change the species of ants we send you, we are ready to find a solution for you.

Se envia SÓLO 1 colonia o reina y SÓLO una especie por pedido u
hormiguero, así que por favor elige bien cual quieres. No cobramos por
las hormigas, SON GRATIS, sólo hay que pagar los gastos de envío.

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