Ant's Nests

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Ant Farms

Here you will find a multitude of ants and ant farms varying in type, material and shape, all suitable for ants. All the ant farms we stock (whether sand, gel, biorama, acrylic or fungus-growing) are suitable for our ant colonies complete with queen or, depending on the model, for the breeding of a single queen. Moreover, they are perfectly designed for any artificial or home-made ant farm for exhibitions or use in schools.

In this section, you will find different artificial ant farm models and the necessary equipment to get started and then keep them going. The ant farms we sell are affordable, aesthetically pleasing and compact. Owning an ant farm doesn’t have to be expensive. At Anthouse, we stock the best ant farms so that you can find exactly what you want. We also have other equipment or extras that you might need in order to build or maintain your ant farm in the best possible conditions. On our website, we list the details of all of our ant farms and strive to give them to you at the best prices!

Artificial Ant Farms

Here you will find a multitude of artificial ant farms and educational ant farms varying in type, material and shape appropriate for many purposes. Easy to put up and maintain, all of them are made so that they provide the best conditions for your colony. We stock a variety of ant farm models, among them ant farms made of sand, gel, wood, biorama, acrylic and fungus-growing ant farms.

In the case of not being able to find your desired model, we are happy to help you if you contact us. All of our models are useful for creating ant colonies whether it is a colony with a queen or one of the different models that you want to study or enjoy. Depending on the desired use of your ant farm, you can choose from a variety of models, some intended for home-use, some for expositions and some for schools or children in general.

Owning an Ant Farm

Our ant farms are transparent so that you can enjoy witnessing your colony in its entirety. The interior may be made of corkboard or other materials that adapt to the necessary conditions depending on the type of ant farm and your objective. Many schools want specific characteristics regarding the queen for their experiments while for others seeing the day to day life of the colony suffices. The quality of the equipment is essential when preparing an ant farm considering that there can be no opening for ants to escape from and that the colony must settle into each part of the farm or you risk fungus growing or other maintenance problems.

Ideally, the organisation of the tunnels and passages will be attractive and visible to the outside so that you can witness the ants’ work and understand how their colony operates. Besides this, it is necessary to plan the lighting system and how much access the colony has to different tunnels in case modifications have to be made to the ant farm. Ultimately, an ant farm is not a glass vase but a specially designed place for breeding and observation of these insects.

The Ants Themselves

Different types of ant farms suit the needs of different types of ants. For example, in the case of small or medium ants, or in the case of having little space and wanting an ant farm which does not take up too much room, a sandwich ant farm would be best. It has an interior width of one centimetre and its size can be adjusted allowing it to be placed exactly where you want it.

The corkwood and mud ant farms are ready to serve their purpose of housing a colony without difficulty. You will be able to watch as the colony’s numbers increase as well as learn how to identify the queen and study her behaviour.

Depending on the type of ant colony you choose, specific spaces can be prepared so that the social structure and organisational methods of the colony can be more closely observed. Observing the various roles of different parts of the colony helps youngsters to understand the very hierarchical structure that ants belong to. This structure is likely to prove impressive for those that have not witnessed it first-hand.

When you buy an ant farm at, you are buying a quality product which will keep you entertained and, most importantly, enrich your family’s understanding of ant colonies. Children can learn how nature works in its purest state. In addition, we have unbeatable prices and a loyalty programme that saves you money on future purchases. We strive to provide customer service which is as unbeatable as our prices.

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